Infographics announces the general release of FireWatch v7.4

INFOGRAPHICS UK LTD. is delighted to announce that FireWatch v7.4 has been released for general use. Highlights include: extensions to duty planning functionality, additional functions within the Remote Availability Service and Availability Mapping application, and extensions to payment calculation capabilities.

  • Extensions to duty planning functionality - qualification and crewing counts, in addition to station and appliances, now available on dynamic views; personnel/staff resilience views; drag-and-drop allocation of crew to appliances; support for co-responder vehicles, annualised hours, secondary crewed appliances and call sign priority; additional geographical-based views and filtering via Mapping Console
  • Additional functions within Remote Availability Service application - support for dual crewing, multiple exception notifications based on change of appliance, qualification or resource impacts
  • Extensions to payments - support for further Grey Book-compliant pay calculations in-line with average weekly wage systems

Russell Wood, Director of Sales of Infographics, said: "This is a major release and significantly moves forward the capabilities of the FireWatch ERM suite to meet the challenges faced by today's modern Fire and Rescue Service."

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