Infographics launches new company branding suite

INFOGRAPHICS UK LTD. is delighted to announce the launch of a complete suite of new company and product branding.

The launch follows completion of a year-long re-branding programme, which was carried out in conjunction with Whitespace, an award-winning marketing and design agency.

The re-branding exercise included an in-depth client and employee research project, which resulted in a strategy aimed at bringing together three previously separate brands within one unified and modernised ‘family’ brand, whilst still retaining within this an individual identity for the parent organisation and core products.

Key elements of the programme were the design and implementation of three new websites, corporate identity, an enhanced social media presence, new sales collateral, new product documentation templates, and feature office signage and interior design elements.

Lorna Tilsley, Marketing Manager at Infographics, said of the launch: "Our new branding completely refreshes our image and brings this in line with who we are as a business today – which is a youthful, fresh and vibrant organisation focused on innovation and quality.

“Our product and company brand now hold together as a cohesive ‘family’ unit and tell a concise story, helping us engage more effectively with our prospects and clients to both understand and meet their needs."

The re-branding was dovetailed with a move to new head offices in Edinburgh, which enabled Infographics to design and refurbish the premises in-line with overall branding objectives.

Lorna added: “It was an exciting chance for a complete refresh from top to toe, which encompassed pretty much every aspect of the company’s identity. Although we tend to invest in some level of re-branding every five years or so, the scale of this project was far more ambitious than anything we’ve done in the past, and I feel that this is reflected in the success of the project.”