TeamWatch Key Functions

Core HR & Contracts

Core HR module holds organisational structure and individual employee data/personnel records, payments and salary calculations, and supports management of multiple contracts, incident/drill recording and recruitment. Acts as the source of base personnel, establishment and role data for other modules.

Payment Calculations

TeamWatch supports automatic calculation of gross payments driven by event recording, drills, detachments, training, sickness and other configurable payment types, such as expenses. Supports official handbook payment calculations in line with weekly wage systems; supports back-office staff in achieving streamlined payment practices.

Salary Calculations

TeamWatch supports automatic gross salary calculation including (optionally) those based on an employee’s Competencies and Role; supports salary administration, calculation authorisation and reporting, and helps administrative staff to efficiently and accurately manage staff salaries.

Availability Management

Availability supports time and attendance management for both operational and administrative staff, including a duty and rota planner. Provides support for flexible working patterns, annualised hours, dual/mixed whole-time and retained crewing, secondary crewed appliances, call sign priority, co-responder vehicles and resilience/staff-bank working practices.

Remote Booking

Our Availability Service enables staff to remotely book on and off duty, and change their availability status in TeamWatch using pagers, text messaging or landline (third party service providers required). Includes functionality to alert the person booking off and managers regarding potential issues with staffing due to the impact.

Mobile Web Client

TeamWatch offers a mobile Web Client that has been designed to support retained staff in booking on/off using a mobile Web device, such as a smart phone or PDA. It features responsive UI design and scales to fit smaller devices, integrates with Availability Service to warn of booking impacts and feeds through impacts into availability figures.

Web-based Self-service

Allows employees to view and update their own personal information online, with the relevant notifications triggered. It provides access to areas including contact details, contracts, payments, training & development, holiday entitlement, and time management, and includes approval workflows for submission/processing of holidays, absences and training requests. Can be accessed via suitable Web browsers from remote locations.

Availability Map

Provides a Web-based geographical map/view of resources and assets, and includes auto refresh functionality for real-time status updates. This presents dynamically changing, strategic information to managers in an easily-consumable format, and also enables staff to book on/off directly from this area of the product. Supports multiple exception notifications based on change of vehicle information, qualifications or resource impacts.

Training & Development

Training & Development Module manages PDRs, NOS (or any role maps you wish to configure), NVQs, training centre resource management, assessments, and employee appraisals and performance reviews, including supporting documentation. Integrates with personnel management, event recording, drill recording, duty planner and other modules/functions.

Health & Safety

Health & Safety Module supports recording of Cause for Concern, Near Misses, Ill Health, Personal Injury, Equipment Failure and Vehicle Accident events. Can link Ill Health Events or Personal Injuries to Sickness, Assets or Incidents. This is delivered within a secure environment that protects employee confidentiality.

Occupational Health

Occupational Health functionality (located within the Health & Safety Module) enables you to securely manage encrypted medical records and vaccinations. OH also links to assets and sickness information, supports lifestyle assessments and recording, and welfare visits.

Fleet Management

Fleet Management Module supports efficient planning, management and maintenance of fleet, including vehicle availability, servicing, fuelling, barcode production and scanning, and audit processes. Also integrates with duty planner, personnel records and H&S to provide an overall organisation view of information.

Asset Management

Asset Management Module supports efficient planning, management and maintenance of assets, including: sites and buildings; operational, personal and general equipment; utility readings; barcode production and scanning; and audit processes. Also integrates with duty planner, personnel records and H&S to provide an overall organisation view of information.


Provides a comprehensive reporting tool for easy report production and template generation, with flexible export options, including PDF, Word, Excel, HTML, CSV and text. Assists with Government reporting across multiple departments and TeamWatch functions. TeamWatch also provides KPI displays for business critical areas, allowing senior managers to view engaging infographics and easily monitor status and trends.