Workflow & Integration

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We use the FloSuite® product suite to provide a rapid framework for the configuration of process-centric software solutions, including workflow, BPM, case management and application integration.

FloSuite enables the automation of practically any work-type, and supports enterprise application integration, enabling you to deploy targeted solutions that streamline and improve the way your organisation works.

Key FloSuite functions

With FloSuite you can:

  • Web-front-end legacy applications, delivering functionality to users via a modern Web-based interface
  • Integrate business processes and legacy systems to increase efficiency, join-up cross-departmental processes and collaborate more closely with partner agencies
  • Support business transformation via rapid deployment of new process models across front and back-office areas

Sample deployments

Some sample back-office or administrative processes that have been deployed using FloSuite include:

  • Freedom of Information Request Management
  • New Joiner/Mover/Leaver processes
  • IT Helpdesk Management
  • Employee Self-service

Pre-built workflow and case management solutions for emergency and critical services

We also use the FloSuite framework to develop process-centric business applications focused on emergency and critical services, such as prevention and protection/safeguarding, which can be purchased as standalone solutions. Our Prevent and Protect solution is in use at UK emergency services organisations.

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