Specialist Tools & Knowledge


TeamWatch delivers a wealth of specialist knowledge & tools

The emergency and professional services sectors have specific, and challenging, requirements in terms of managing staff with multiple contracts and roles, along with a range of other key resources and assets, and doing so within a 24x7 operational environment.

Generic HR solutions, and 'middleware' approaches to tie together existing disparate legacy systems, have often been unable to provide the solutions needed for managers to operate their departments effectively.

They have also proved very costly in terms of upfront and on-going investment through attempts to adapt these systems to meet specialised needs, or where an attempt is made to integrate systems that fundamentally lack the underlying common functionality required in the first place.

Industry and client-led development approach

Infographics has been working with Emergency Services for over 15 years, gaining a wealth of specialist skills and expertise in this complex environment, and we believe our solutions offer a superior approach.

We developed TeamWatch® in conjunction with these clients to embed their specialist knowledge of operations within every area.

As we continue to work very closely with our user base, we are committed to ensuring our skill set grows and is constantly applied to enhance our products.

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